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[Replication archive]

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[Background information and material; Replication archive]

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Work under review

Wantchekon, Leonard, Gabriel López-Moctezuma, Thomas Fujiwara, Cecilia Pe Lero and Daniel Rubenson. "Policy Deliberation and Voting Behavior: A Campaign Experiment in the Philippines," revise and resubmit at the American Journal of Political Science

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Book project

Loewen, Peter, Daniel Rubenson and Royce Koop. Leadership and Expectations: Local and National Conditions in the 2015 Canadian Election, under contract with University of Toronto Press.

Working papers

Rubenson, Daniel and Peter Loewen. "Property Rights and Trust"

Rubenson, Daniel and Peter Loewen. "Exogenous Institutional Variation and Sudden Changes in Social Preferences: Evidence From a Property Rights Field Experiment"

Wong, Cara, Jake Bowers, Daniel Rubenson, Mark Fredrickson and Ashlea Rundlett. "Do You See What I See? Pseudoenvironments, Ethnic Diversity, and Social Capital"

Dawes, Christopher, Daniel Rubenson and Nick Obradovich. "Marathon Performance and Political Participation"

Rubenson, Daniel and Richard Walker. "Interaction and Malefaction"