Fifth Annual Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop

November 10-11, 2017, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto

We are pleased to announce that registration for the fifth annual Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop is now open. The workshop will take place November 10 and 11, 2017 at the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto. Please register to attend the workshop using the form on this page.

You can see this year's workshop papers below. We will spend about an hour on each paper. We will also host a poster session.

There are no registration fees, lunch will be provided both days and a dinner for participants on Friday night. Unfortunately we cannot provide travel assistance.

The TPBW is co-hosted by the School of Public Policy and Governance, University Toronto; the Canadian Opinion Research Archive at Queen's University; and the Department of Politics, Ryerson University. Please forward any questions to Daniel Rubenson & Peter Loewen.

Workshop Papers

Alexander Coppock, Yale University and Don Green, Columbia University, "Do Belief Systems Exhibit Dynamic Constraint?"

Ali Valenzuela, Princeton University, "Pivotal Identity: How Competitive Elections Politicize Latino Ethnicity"

Cesi Cruz, University of British Columbia, Julien Labonne, University of Oxford and Philip Keefer, Inter-American Development Bank, "Incumbent Advantage, Voter Information, and Vote Buying"

David Broockman, Stanford University and Evan J. Soltas, University of Oxford, "Backlash and the Political Economy of Voting Rights"

Gemma Dipoppa, University of Pennsylvania and Gianmarco Daniele, University of Barcelona, "Mafia, Elections and Violence Against Politicians"

Jonathan Woon, University of Pittsburgh, "Political Lie Detection"

Konstantinos Matakos, King's College London, Dominik Hangartner, London School of Economics, Elias Dinas, University of Oxford, Moritz Marbach, University of Zurich and Dimitrios Xefteris, University of Cyprus, "The Impact of the Refugee Crisis on Attitudes, Policy Preferences, and Political Engagement of Natives"

Laura Stephenson, University of Western Ontario, Sona Golder, Penn State, Karine Van Der Straeten, Toulouse School of Economics and Kostanca Dhima, Texas A&M, "Affinity Voting Across Electoral Systems"

Noam Gidron, Princeton University and Ryan Enos, Harvard University, "Exclusion and Cooperation in Diverse Societies: Experimental Evidence from Israel"

Ricardo Pique, Ryerson University, Fernando Aragon, Simon Fraser University and Alexey Makarin, Northwestern University, "The Effect of Party Geographic Scope on Government Outcomes: Evidence from Peruvian Municipalities"

Ruth Dassonneville Université de Montréal and Ian McAllister, Australian National University, "Gender, Political Knowledge and Descriptive Representation: The Impact of Long-Term Socialization"

Ryan Moore, American University and Brian Hamel, UCLA, "Information Seeking and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Search Data"

Vincent Pons, Harvard Business School and Clémence Tricaud, Ecole Polytechnique Paris, "Expressive Voting and Its Cost: Evidence from Runoffs with Two or Three Candidates"

Volha Charnysh, Princeton University, "Diversity, Institutions, and Economic Development: Post-WWII Displacement in Poland"

Workshop Posters

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While the TPBW is free of charge, we do require registration so that we can plan properly.  Please use the form below to register to participate.

We thank our generous sponsors, the Canadian Opinion Research Archive at Queen's University; the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University Toronto; and the Department of Politics, Faculty of Arts and the Office of the Vice President Research, Ryerson University.