Duty and Choice:  Participation and Preferences in Democratic Elections

On the occasion of André Blais’s 65th birthday

20–21 January, 2012, Université de Montréal

Conference organizers: Daniel Rubenson and Peter Loewen 


Conference Program

Friday, 20 January

0800 Registration and Continental Breakfast

0845 Introduction
Hon. Stéphane Dion (Member of Parliament). "'And the Worst of Them All is André Blais'

0930 Genes, Duty and Participation

Donald P. Green (Columbia). “Civic Duty and Social Pressure as Causes of Voter Turnout

James Fowler (UCSD). “Individual Differences in Political Behavior

Chris Dawes (NYU) and Peter Loewen (UofT). “Behavioural Anomalies Explain Variation in Voter Turnout

Discussant: Richard Niemi (Rochester)

1115 Break

1130 Measurement of Turnout

Christopher Achen (Princeton). “Understanding Turnout in Canada and the United States: What Data Do We Lack?

J.F. Godbout (UdeM) and Mathieu Turgeon (Brasilia). “The Preferences of Voters and Non-Voters in Canada (1988-2008)

Discussant: François Gélineau (Laval)

1300 Lunch

1415 Voter Choice I: The Economy, Party ID and Campaigns

Richard Nadeau (UdeM), Eric Belanger (McGill) and Bruno Jérôme (Paris II). “The Economy and Federal Election Outcomes in Canada: Taking Provincial Economic Conditions Into Account

Elisabeth Gidengil (McGill) and Neil Nevitte (UofT). “Party Identification in Canada: Resilience Under Duress

Patrick Fournier (UdeM), Fred Cutler (UBC) and Stuart Soroka (McGill). “Who Responds to Election Campaigns? The Two-Moderator Model Revisited

Discussant: J. Scott Matthews (Queen’s)

1545 Break

1600 Voter Choice II: Historical and Contemporary Accounts

Richard Johnston (UBC). “Alignment, Realignment, and Dealignment in Canada: The View from Above

R. Kenneth Carty (UBC). “Canada’s Government Party: A Century of Four Liberal Parties

Discussant: Robert Young (UWO)

1730 Adjournment for the day 

Saturday, 21 January

0930 Continental Breakfast

1030 Electoral Systems I: Rules and Choice

Indridi Indridason (UC Riverside). “Capturing Voters’ Hearts

Christopher J Anderson (Cornell). “How Electoral Systems Shape What Voters Think About Democracy

Discussant: Marc André Bodet (Laval)

1215 Lunch

1345 Electoral Systems II: Strategic Voting

John Aldrich (Duke) and Laura Stephenson (UWO). “When Do Voters Act Strategically? Institutional and Individual Variation in the Incidence of Strategic Voting in Democracies

Delia Dumitrescu (UdeM). “Why Do People Vote For Unsuccessful Parties? A Prospect-Theory Response

Romain Lachat (Pompeu Fabra University). “Electoral Coalitions and the Psychological Effects of the Electoral System

Discussant: Arthur Spirling (Harvard)

1515 Break

1530 Electoral Systems, Parties and Elites

Martial Foucault (UdeM). “Campaign Spending Limits and Electoral Competition in a Floating Two-Party System

James C. Garand (LSU) and Ping Xu (LSU). “Bureaucrats, Policy Attitudes, and Political Behavior: A Reappraisal

Louis Massicotte (Laval). “Bound to Fail? Electoral System Reform in Canada

Discussant: Stuart Soroka (McGill)

1715 Break

1730 Duty and Choice: Reflections on the Future of Electoral Research

André Blais (UdeM)

1830 Adjournment

1900 Reception and Closing Dinner (UdeM) 

Financial support from the following institutions is gratefully acknowledged:

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council; the Dean of Arts, Ryerson University; the Office of the Vice President Research, Ryerson University; the Department of Politics, Ryerson University; the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, Mississauga; the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship, McGill; le Département de science politique, l’Université de Montréal; and the Canadian Opinion Research Archive, Queen’s University