Elections and voting

The Local Parliament Project

The aim of this project is to understand several important aspects of vote choice and participation and, in particular, how local conditions affect election outcomes and individual choice in single member district political systems. The project includes several randomized field experiments, one of the largest ever public opinion surveys in Canada (with about 40000 respondents) as well as detailed ethnographic research on local political campaigns.

Work in progress
"Campaign Period Scandal Effects in Canadian Elections" (Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki, Loewen & Rubenson)

"Local Candidate Effects in Canadian Elections" (Allen Stevens, Islam, de Geus, Goldberg, McAndrews, Mierke-Zatwarnicki, Loewen & Daniel Rubenson)

"Motivated Reasoning & Partisan Reactions to Canada's Senate Expense Scandal" (Nick Ruderman, Loewen & Rubenson)

"When are MPs Delegates?" (Loewen & Rubenson)

"Information on Party Strength & Strategic Voting" (André Blais, Loewen, Rubenson, Laura Stephenson & Elisabeth Gidengil)

"Benchmarking, Strategic Inference & Political Choice" (Catherine de Vries, Hector Solaz, Loewen & Rubenson)

"What Information Drives Citizen Forecasts? An Experiment on the 2015 Canadian Federal Election" (Mierke-Zatwarnicki, Loewen & Rubenson)

Voter turnout

I have an interest in political participation and voter turnout and have written several papers on the topic, including work on generations, values and contextual effects on turnout, residential mobility and participation, and the gap in turnout between younger and older people. I have also written on the partisan consequences of low turnout. As well, I have ongoing work on the effects of mood on voter turnout.